Windows Administration

Windows 2008

  1. Backup with task scheduler:
  2. Wbadmin start backup (with samples):
  3. WBadmin start recovery (with samples):
  4. Backup sample:
  5. Scheduled task plus xcopy: xcopy /s /Y D:\CBAP I:\tmp

Verified – done: (Lesson Learned: no space between -backTarget and \\netowrkshare)
start backup -backupTarget:\\networkshare -include:d: [-systemstate] -user:host\user -password:xxxxx -vssFull -quiet

WSUS 3.0

  1. Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 Home:
    1. Installation Step by Step guide:
  2. Learning Roadmap by Microsoft:
  3. Software tools to publish 3rd party software updateds thru WSUS:
  4. WSUS for Windows Server 2012:

Exchange 2010

  1. How to check membership of a resigned staff and remove the object among groups;


  1. MCSD:
  2. MTA:
  3. Software testing materials-

AD audit best practices:

–Configuring Audit Policies:

AD OU Structure Best Practices

  • Objectives
    • defined purpose – administration, delegation, policy
  • Approach
    • Security:
      • Logon:
        • Log on without administrative credentials;
        • Using Run as;
      • Rename and disable administrator & guest account;
      • Physically secure all DC;
      • Manage simplified security relationship and administration between forests;
      • Remove all users from the Schema Admins, add user to the group when there is need and remove afterward;
      • Restrict access to shared resources;
    • OU structure

“In the best practices OU model, departments within the domain manage their internal operations, while the domain’s IT staff manages the overall infrastructure”

  • Account OU model
  • Resource OU model