1. Vocabulary (Speech) – meaning – sentence
  2. WK1V1 – 10:21 PM 1/16/2017
    1. Contaminate (v.): ~pollute; all kitchen staff must wash their hands carefully to remove any germs that may ~ the food;(instead of pollution)
    2. Conflagration (n.): The spark from the engine caused a ~ that destroyed almost half of the forest; (instead of just fire)
    3. Devastate (v.): The village ~d by floods last year celebrated its reovery with a parade;  (instead of destroy)
      a ~ing news;
    4. Eradication (n.): That humanitarian group’s goal is the ~ of poverty in all of Africa; (instead of eliminate)
    5. Profound: The effects of the earthquake were profound. The entire city was damaged in one way or another.
  3. WK1V2 – 12:57 PM 1/17/2017
    1. fertility (n.): Gobal overpopulation may not be an issue if fertility rates around the world continue to fall; (instead of birth)
    2. landmark (n.)
    3. flaw (n.): Designers babies have been geneticaly engineered to make up for nature’s flaws;
    4. eruption (n.): Volcano eruption
    5. malnutrition (n.): Due to the drought and food shortages, the villagers soon suffered from ~;
    6. slaughter (v./n.): Mass slaughter; they were slaughtered in order to provide the village with enough food;
  4. WK1V3 – 8:25 PM 1/18/2017
    1. deterioration (n.): The development of beachfront property ofter leads to the deterioration of once pristine coastline;
    2. depletion (n.): The lack of rain for a period of seven months was responsible for the ~ of water in the dam;
    3. balmy (a.): The weather in Southern England is mostly nice and ~. (instead of warm)
    4. cull (v.): The surplus animal will be culled (instead of kill, for animal)
    5. pouch (n.): The mother kangaroo puts the joey in her ~;
    6. torrid (a.): In the desert it is important to find ways to escape the ~ heat;
    7. Science moved on leaps and bounces
    8. incendiary
    9. fascinating debate
    10. mired in controversy
  5. WK1V4 – 7:29 PM 1/19/2017
    1. nippy (a.): The air during the winter is a little ~;
    2. panoramic (a.): a panoramic view of the mountain ranges;
    3. prairie (n.): Most people think that prairies are boring because they are so flat, but actually you can find many interesting life forms there;
    4. plain (n.): Lijian is beautiful plain within mountains;
    5. meteorology (n.): Before meteorology, people had very little advance warning of large storms that were on their way over;
    6. gulch (n.): The ~ formed by the Black River has walls so tall that at the most times of the day direct sunlight will not get into it;
    7. copse (n.): A small ~ of trees forms a perfect setting for a romantic picnic;
  6. Date