BIS3400 – Le13 (1st May 2015)

  1. Contents
    1. PPT – Social Networking Services
    2. Web 2.0 – user generated content
      1. such as low cost of production
      2. depends on innovation of publisher;
    3. BBS VS SNS:
      1. BBS – VIP with accumulated points;
      2. SNS – communication tools; refined users preferences of response, such as Like; enhanced control over explicit sharing rules;
    4. SNS – effect
      1. high user enagement in some user platform such as Facebook;
      2. Enjoy service from Facebook by paying privacy;
      3. Social Network collects information by front end; analyze data at Backend by Big Data;
    5. Blurring boundaries of private and public; mergence of workplace surveillance and private social network;
    6. account management of public / work related; Yemmar;
    7. political role of social media: presidential selction in USA / Arabian Spring;
  2. Assignment
  3. References
    1. explicit / implicit rules
  4. Follow-ups
    1. Social media – trace behaviors with identification of organizations
    2. RFID – bio-metrics / staff cards
      1. location tracking within organizations
      2. positive surveillance
      3. negative surveillance – invade privacy; one to many monitoring without notice
    3. Limitations of IT: too much information to monitor, such as selective monitoring of social platforms;
    4. PPT points of four approach;