1. Effects in drinkers
    1. 降低自制力;
    2. 降低multitasking;
    3. Lose heat by moving warm blood to skin;
    4. 引致痳木不痛;
  2. 引起炎症
  3. UK standards of drinking
    1. 14 units / week and spread out few days;
    2. A standard glass = 2 units; a big glass = 3 units;
  4. Red wine (a darker one at most) with more polyvinyl than white wine;
    1. polyvinyl cannot expand arteries, and lower blood press, as a result, good for heart and blood stream system;
    2. Darker color (eg. red wine / whisky) contains more congeners  which have positive effect in causing drunk;
  5. Factors below play positive relationships in diluting alcohol concentration:
    1. Body water concentration
    2. body size
    3. muscular body
    4. Lined stomach: lower peak level of alcohol concentration
  6. >55 years old ladies with ~5 units /week, good for heart and blood stream system;
  7. Alcohol brings human faster to sleep, but causes less deep sleep instead, especially for older people >40 years old
  8. Effects on a hangover
    1. best with a borage oil capsules before drink (50%);
    2. maybe a breakfast after a hangover;
  9. Positive relationships in cancer and alcohol:
    1. for low risk, <14 units of alcohol per week and spread out few days;
    2. need customize standards for Asians? <12 unit?

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