Knowledge management & WordPress

  1. KM
  2. KMS
    1. objectives
      1. Building a KM system with the features below
      2. Functionalities
        1. Submit and approve
        2. permission to access, view, edit and approve
        3. version control and upload documents
        4. graphics design
        5. Integrate with AD
        6. course enrollment, assessment result, deadline notice, email alert;
        7. Searching
      3. Technical aspects
        1. Backup and restore in DB
        2. HA in DB
    2. Contents
      1. Installing WordPress.
      2. Install WordPress for Windows.
      3. Installing on Microsoft IIS.
    3. Active Directory Integration / LDAP Integration
  3. references
    1. Knowledge management tools:
    2. What is KM? Knowledge Management Explained.…/What-is-KM-Knowledge-Management-Explained-82405.aspx
    3. Design & the Implementation of Knowledge Management System.
    4. A Practical Approach To Implementing Knowledge Management.
    5. WordPress.
    6. <圖解無印良品成功90%靠制度>松井忠三著.
Knowledge management & WordPress

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