Beef & Streaks

Method 1: Cook & Oven

  1. Prepare: Seasoning, salt, vegetable oil, soy sauce, frying pan, oven, timer, knife, 夾, kitchen gloves, towels, tin foils, cutting pad/board with 坑, wine;
  2. Leave to room temperature until soft (for frozen: 2-3 hours; for fridge: 30-45 mins)
  3. Prepare stirred well vegetable oil and soy sauce, then 5-8 minutes each side of the streak;
  4. Then dry streak with paper towels
  5. Seasoning (rib seasoning)
  6. Cook with pre-heated fry pan to 450 degree celsius and,:
    1. Approach 1: cook each side at 1:20 mins to 1:40 mins;
    2. Approach 2: cook each side with 1 min, then, add some butter and thyme, and cook each side with 30 seconds;
  7. Oven cook at 450 degree for 5 to 7 mins. Depends on thickness
  8. Leave with tin foils covered at least 6 minutes
  9. Feel the softness of streak and Cut if appropriate, keep meat juice as sauce
  10. Salt at surface 
  11. Red wine
  12. References:
    1. Bon Appetit (2016). Every cut of streak, Explained.

Method 2: Cook without oven

Same as above but cook 1 minute each size

Method 3: BBQ

Beef & Streaks