MSc resources

A. BSc 1st Class means nothing (too many out there…), the importance is what you learned and how do you sustain to break through!

B. MBA for business; Specialist in MSc but not of MSc IT…

Roadmap (v. 20170625)

BSc 1st -> MSc of LMU ->  UST / Edinburg -> PgD Acc / digital marketing-> MBA -> Research Degree & PhD

  1.  Alumi
    1. myAluminHub in Middlesex University:
      1. Research Resources
  2. Academic writing:
    1. MDX resources:
    2. Using-academic-language:
    3. Academic vocabulary:
  3. Time management
  4. Research methods for Business Student – 5/e:
  5. Basic Business Statistics – 12e:
    1. Statistics e-resources:
  6. Harvard referencing
  7. Academic reference letter:
  8. Further MSc study:
    1. MSc Big Data Technology, HKUST:
    2. (NCC L7DSBIT) University of Gloucestershire (89th):
    3. (NCC L7DSBIT) London Metropolitan University (120th):—msc/
    4. University of Edinburg (19th):
      1. MSc Data Science, Technology and Innovation (Medical Informatics).
      2. MSc in Digital Education
    5. University of Leeds, MA Technology, Education and Learning (14th):,_Education_and_Learning_(Distance_Learning)
    6. University of Glasgow, MSc Data Analytics (Distance Learning) (27th):
    7. University of Leicester, MSc Computer Science, SoftEng, WebTech (32nd):
    8. University of Aberdeen, MSc PM, MSc IT & MBA Digital Marketing (42nd): 
    9. Royal Holloway Univeristy of London (37th):
    10. Edinburgh Napier University (92nd):
    11. Advanced Manufacturing system by Brunel University London (52nd):
    12. DeMontfort University (82th):
      1. MSc Data Analytics.
      2. MSc Intelligent Systems and Robotics (Distance Learning).
      3. MSc Intelligent Systems (Distance Learning).
    13. Northumbria University, Information Science – Data Analytics(59th):
    14. Distance Learning postgraduate program, Lancaster University.
    15. MSc PM, Liverpool John Moores University (74th):
    16. University of Hertfordshire (79th):
      2. MSc E-learning technology (online),
      3. Online MSc courses:
    17. MSc PM, Salford University (95th, 4 intakes/yr):
    18. MSc PM, Birmingham City University (95th, but cheap):
    19. MSc IT, University of Derby (91st):
    20. MSc Data Science, University of Sunderland (103rd).
    21. MSc Mobile Appl Development, Staffordshire University (105th).
    22. MSc Data Analytics, Deakin University in Australia.
  9. Further MBA study:
    1. UST:
    2. Imperial College London.
    3. Duram University (6th):
    4. MBA with Data Analytics, Nottingham Trent University (63rd):
    5. University of Warick (8th):
    6. Middlesex University (78th):
    7. Leicester University (32nd):
    8. Heriot-Watt University (34th):
    9. University of Derby (91st):
    10. Most affordable:
      1. Agnlia Ruskin University (110th):
      2. Leeds Beckett University (103rd):
    11. Strategic Planning / Strategic Sustainble Business
  10. Further other studies:
    1. Leicester University:
    2. Digital Brand Marketing by GLASGOW CALEDONIAN UNIVERSITY (79th): 
  11. Further Acc Study (exempt basic knowledge application / future route?):
    1. HKICPA non-Acc routes: 
    2. HKU SPACE (fast / low price):
    3. PolyU (Most expensive / best):
    4. CUHK (High entry requirements with QR registers/ best):
    5. Lingnan (Deposit / Sat only, not available at 2017/18):
  12. Distance Learning materials:
    1. Leicester University:
    2. The University of Strathcylde:
      1. MSc Operational Research (Distance learning).
      2. Business Analysis & Consulting (Distance Learning). 
    3. University of Hertfordshire:
      1. MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management (Online).
      2. MSc Manufacturing Management (Online).
    4. Robert Gordon University:
  13. Research Degrees (distance learning)
    1. LMU, Research Degree – MPhil / Phd.—mphil–phd/
  14. NCC references:
    1. NCC contact:
    2. Middlesex sent official transcript to Education institute: 
  15. Others
    1. Manufacturing:
      1. MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management (MSEM).
      2. MSc Advanced Manufacturing System.
    2. MSc Gerontology.
    3. MSc Child and Youth Care.
    4. Postgraduate Search.
    5. MSc Professional Accounting with ACCA
  16. USA online Masters
    1. Masters in Predictive Analytics Online, NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY.
    2. Master of Science in Applied Business Analytics Degree, Boston University.
MSc resources

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