MyStock rules


  1. Work only on familiar ones
  2. Not frequent buy and sell (as profit >5%)
  3. Long win with least loss
  4. Split capital in phrases, not all in the same price;
  5. Work hard to study and prepare to set price for big drop
  6. No guess, no gambling
  7. Reliable publishers of warrants, such as HSBC, (not credit su…)



  1. Study where is low for potentail ones; wait they hit low and buy;
  2. Set auto buy-in
    1. Stable and optimistic market:
      1. Price at big drop (<=5%) (1st at 5%; 2nd at 15%; 3rd at 21%; 4th next day…)
    2. Bad market and bad news:
      1. Price at big drop (1st at 20%; 2nd 32%; 3rd wait to stable


Incidents and relationships

  1. hot weather & electricity stock in china
MyStock rules

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