BIS3400 – Le13 (8May2016)

  1. Contents
  2. Assignments
    1. PPT
      1. Mark of Content: Notes in PPT
      2. Mark of Presentation: Slide content
    2. Final report with hard copy of references
    3. Divide note in three parts (1 minute)
      1. speech
      2. references and citation
      3. reference list
      4. PPT – visual aids
    4. Necessary to Quote the original Laws and Code of Conducts?
      1. No
      2. Quotation – zero
    5. Quotation is for speech, not idea, thus, not apply to laws
  3. References
  4. Follow-ups
  5. Other tasks today
    1. Letter to HK IRD
    2. Interim presentation draft
    3. Notes to BIS3324
    4. TOC and Plan – Project – Problem definition plan + use case
    5. ITX3000 draft
BIS3400 – Le13 (8May2016)

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