ITX3000 – Le11 (17April 2016)

  1. Contents
    1. PPT
    2. Types of memory
      1. Successful:
        1. practices to change short-term memory into long-term memory;
        2. organized bridge / network connection of chunks of memory;
        3. maximize utilize / train usage of brain;
        4. link new knowledge to old knowledge in brain and develop to new applications and solutions;
          1. eg. Design patterns;
              • Transactions -> update database -> report;
              • Transactions -> update database -> file -> report;  //user ask report of specific date
            1. Dates handling in system
              1. use of date file: eg. transaction file, month end date…
          2. eg. Analysis;
      2. Develop by reading design / pictures / galleries;
      3. Repetitve Mind-training such as Diving;
    3. Chunk of informatoin
    4. 7-items design (Bailey, 2002)
    5. Post completion errors (eg. photocopying, ATM procedures design)
    6. Use recognition instead of recall
    7. Pictures better than words
      1. Janpaness business methodology: Comics  -> Movie -> Accessories
  2. Follow-ups
    1. Submission of
    2. Copy and paste assignments needed in daily routine;
  3. References
ITX3000 – Le11 (17April 2016)

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