Le10 – BIS3400 (10Apr2016)

  1. Content
    1. PPT1 – WK11 Internet Content Regulation:
      1. Related to topics of Workplace electronic monitoring / ISP content monitoring;
      2. Tradition content publishing (mechanism / country-border) vs Internet content publishing
      3. Writing idea: How technology drive change for an issue…commercial activities / problems emerge after technology evolves;
      4. Digital footprints tracing or block by browser level;
        1. Technology of <dark web>: peer to peer based; could not search by search engines; such as anti-governmental activities;
      5. Why internet highly available? powerful host / many-to-many possible routes (usually not planned)? some regions / countries do not have similar content regulation.
      6. Political consequences of denying free expressing: silencing of dissent and opposition; censorship
      7. Right of freedom expression (Kant)
      8. Exceptions to the right of the freedom of expression (Consequentialism)
        1. protection of the reputation of others;
    2. PP2 – WK19 Games
      1. Embedded values, such as racial sterotyping, violence…
      2. analyze its rules of a game before describeing the ethical issues of a computer game: what the player could choose / is forced and encouraged to do;
      3. UDHR vs discrimination of races / religions in games;
  2. Assignment
    1. Quotes from Act, need Act & Section,
    2. Monitoring access / monitoring content?
    3. Professional: compliance with law such as Acts…
      1. Key questions to professional – slide 16 of PPT – assignment writing;
    4. Legal case against IT professionals of recording / monitoring / violating laws?
    5. legal case about discrimination / data mis-use / abuse of surveilance?
    6. PowerPoint (must have)
      1. Notes
      2. Citations and references list in PowerPoint
    7. header with name/title/student no., right bottom with page number
    8. highlight of ethical issues in your topics with principles, references, cases and applications…
    9. Ethical issue: morally right or wrong
      1. Social: impacts of the ethical issue
    10. Quotes from Code of conduct; discussion about materials enough of not, include discussing topics or rules;
  3. Keywords:
    1. Anonymising, dark web, Telegram, censorship, defamation (written / civil), libel (proven loss), hatred, dilemmas, avatars,
  4. References
  5. Follow-ups
Le10 – BIS3400 (10Apr2016)

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