Le9 – BIS3400 (3 April 2016)

  1. Assignment 2 at 22May (No turnitin) (25%)
    • Time: 7-10 minutes
    • 8 slides
    • 4 topics, thus 2 slides / topic
    • Contents in point form with Visual aids
    • Detailed explanations and references and notes in footnotes
    • Search figures in CC
  2. Contents
    • Arguments in slides: ethical and social issues
    • IP: ideas be privately owned? Common contribution
    • Government sponsoring research but have no ownership of the results
    • <Fair Use> of IP: legal issues about conditional / exceptional use of IP; for example, 10% of original publications;
    • Common code: variations of IP;
    • Other issues: Copyleft / Reverse engineering (not ethical?); code sharing on web -> self-owned product;
    • Professionalism: falsely declared the copycat as owned IP, eg. Reusing resources needs declaration of GNU;
    • Open source licensing: GNU with self-owned IP: Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux;
  3. Assignment
    • Reviews slides of security to retrieve ideas of ethical and social
    • General cases
    • Arguable cases study in specific;
    • Referring to discussion PPT of IP
  4. Presentation
    • Intro and background
    • Ethical: natural laws vs consequentialism
    • Legal: rules
    • Social: point form
    • Professional: privacy related rules instead of introducing body
    • Common mistake -> no identify rules / points
  5. Follow-ups
    • Security PPT
    • MDX ppt template
    • 3 topics with supporting documents
    • TOC of strategic management
    • Academic reference from Benson and Alan
    • Setup and demo theme to Benson next lesson
    • Scripts and prototype deliverable functions details to Benson
    • 2 hours – review group project and summary findings / others
Le9 – BIS3400 (3 April 2016)

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