BIS3324 – LE9 (29March 2016)

Ppt <Leading Change – By John P. Kotter> — half of Pairs Project

  1. Create a sense of Urgency (-ve)
  2. Guiding Team
  3. Vision (+ve)
  4. Communicate the vision
    1. Leadership by example (benchmarking visit with steering committee / Success case training)
  5. Empower
  6. Short-term wins
  7. Keep on changing
    1. Different to adopt changes if there are considerable amount of frontline staff;
  8. Anchor

Pairs Project

  1. Case study about a change facilitated by IT in an organization
  2. Analyze the case from the perspectives of 8 steps
  3. Samples:
    1. Upgrade call centers;
    2. Brain storming:
      1. Cloud services?
      2. Mobile services?
    3. Search Portfolios of change:
      1. McDonald
      2. Asiamiles -> bad initial change from system failures;
  • MTR – difficult to adopt changes as many rules;
  1. Subject title (Select company) -> TOC -> Proposal at 12April;
  2. Short term win examples;

Findings – Supplementary materials (Surveys)


  1. Active and visible sponsorship
  2. Identification of key stakeholders
  3. Direct communications with employees


  1. In-effective management engagement

Best practices

  1. Utilization team of change management
  2. Group meeting and presentations
  3. Face to face communication


  1. Materials resin plan – SO & Loading
  2. Dashboard
  3. Heading and Auto-generation of TOC in MS word


  1. Native language <html5> for Andriod and IOS
BIS3324 – LE9 (29March 2016)

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