BIS3324 – Le8 (23March 2016)

  1. Contents:
    1. Contrasting views of change management
      1. Company approach
      2. Personal approach
      3. Field Force Analysis (Google)
        1. Add in pairs project
          1. Views of employers and customers
          2. Views of empolyees
    2. Wk13 PPT – IS development – A catalyst for change
      1. Organizational impact
      2. Market impact
      3. Personal impact
    3. Hot topics of IT
      1. Big Data
      2. IoT
      3. Video:
        1. <ThyssenKrupp – Giving cities a lift with the Internet of Things>: – predictive maintenance and preactive measures;Microsoft Azure Machine Learning;
        2. <SAP and Vuzix bring you the future of Field Service>: ;Remote field order handling; virtual reality;3D knowledge manual / guidance;
  2. References
  3. Follow-ups
    1. File server alerting file type of locky;
    2. Keywords searching:
      1. block customized file type in file sharing
      2. File Server Resource Manager
    3. Draft reviews of p.237 & p.240
    4. Final presentation (Max. 15 slides for 10 minutes)
      1. Screen / solution diagram with flows
      2. tangible and intangible cost
    5. Next lesson with Final draft of group assignment;
      1. Checklist with submission;
      2. Task allocation plan/table
      3. Submission Checklist
      4. Submit soft (CD-ROM) and hard copy;
      5. Completed Self assessment form;
BIS3324 – Le8 (23March 2016)

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