BIS3324 – Le7 (15/3/2016)

  1. Contents
    1. Youtube <Cisco Change Mangement Training Video>
      1. Cisco change roadmap
      2. 3 phases: prepare -> implement -> manage it;
      3. change to one-man-band reporter -> more opportunities
        1. form a team
      4. Comparing Kotter’s eight steps to 3-steps-approach (Lecture 12 ppt):
        1. Prepare: 1-Establish a sense of urgency / 2-Form a powerful guiding coalition / 3-Create a vision / 4-Communicate the vision;
        2. Implement: 5-Empower others to act on the vision / 6-Plan for and create short term wins;
        3. Manage: 7-Consolidate improvements – more change / 8-Institutionalise the new approach;
      5. Encourage and push by powerful guys;
      6. Success case in specific department / subsidiary…;
      7. Application of Change: Environmental Levy Scheme on Plastic Shopping Bags –
  2. Comments of our presentation
    1. Contents
      1. False <Threat to new entrants> in Five Forces analysis
      2. Revise wordings in <Weakness> in SWOT analysis
    2. Styles
      1. Improve expression phases for ideas
      2. Fonts are too small
      3. Too much wordings -> boring presentation
      4. Lack of visual aids
      5. Lack of conclusions among slides, eg. key points / conclusion;
    3. Thus, point above leads low grading for final report presentation;
  3. Next-time improvement
    1. Fewer wordings with larger fonts;
    2. Visual Aids: eg. Five forces / SWOT /
    3. Conclusion among slides;
    4. Better ideas and wordings (summary of findings / SWOT / Porter 5 forces) collaboration by a leader
  4. Follow-ups
    1. Update wording in Alex’s works;
    2. Suggestions on summary of  findings -> Challenges;
    3. Add 2-3  questions to Q&A;
    4. Add tangible and intangible cost-benefits;
BIS3324 – Le7 (15/3/2016)

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