BIS3324 – Le6 (8Mar2016)

  1. Content (Wk11 lecture notes – Understanding Change (An analysis of change))
    1. Change request in system VS change management in corporate environment;
    2. professional team practices – vision introduction / training to users;
      1. Not effective to drive change by IT (as not enough buy-in gained);
      2. Senior levels could adopt changes easier than foundation levels;
      3. Company events organizing for personal development;
    3. Definition / motives / scenarios;
    4. examples of implementation plastic bag tax by HK government
      1. advertisement / vision sharing / statistics exploring
    5. Protocol of change management:
    6. What is change? Change is
      1. Samples of job rotation every 2 years;
      2. Identify if positive attitude exist from the targets; then, coach the targets to positive attitude;
      3. Embrace change in daily life, such as cross field qualification achieving;
      4. Slogan of ‘Change‘ by presidential selection event of Obama;
      5. Inequitable nature of organizational change”Empowering the disenfranchised is an important aspect of well managed change“, such as open for discussion / negotiation / fine-tuning;
      6. Moving from one state to another: consider human and organization aspects;
      7. Rule 1 of good change management:
        1. everyone feels like Victor;
        2. Effected by Victor or influenced by Victims;
        3. Change / No change VS  + / -;
        4. Video <Overcoming resistance to change – Isn’t it obvious?>
          1. Four dimensions of changes: gold (change +) / mermaid (no change +) / hurt (change -) / alligator (no change -) / ;
  2. WK12 lecture note (Contrasting views of changes)
    1. Eight steps to change – Kotter
      1. eg. 1 month stay in Mainland – to sell – firstly, win for 1 month of stay of loss at 1 year of stay;
      2. Human approach – Satir Change Model
      3. Model: Five stages of Grief – by Kubler-Ross:
        1. assess the top / bottom / change points; destroying others or self…;
        2. samples for elaboration;
        3. applicable for coaching team;
  3. Project 2: study change project management in a company;
  4. Group report (p.240)
    1. interview Q&A
    2. SWOT
    3. project plan
  5. Interim presentation
  6. Lesson learned:
    1. Change management / assessment;
    2. personal -> organization;
    3. ***ERP implementation partnership with PMC;
    4. standardize Stock take KPIs by ERP reports;
  7. Maybe class cancellation next week;
BIS3324 – Le6 (8Mar2016)

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