ITX3000 – Le3 (28Feb2016)

  1. Academic achievement: elite such as excel horse racing of Statistics Lecturer;
  2. Content
    1. Data analysis: looking for recurring pattern and themes;
    2. Coding / indexing data & points, thus, analyze by different methodologies;
  3. References:
    1. WK3-4 lecture notes
    2. Self Statistics research for stocks and  real estate assets (buy at 2018?) -> 先知先覺
      1. methodology 1- symptom from benchmark such as selling strategy of big brothers;
      2. methodology 2- rate change of  賠率 until last one minute of the race, then process and identify the 1 to 2 potential winners (eg. ~60% to win);
      3. don’t listen to media comment / recommendation from economist / critics /
      4. Why big rise of stock in 2017?
      5. Stock / Currency / real estate (asset) research and save resources frequently, thus, confidence in disaster (by statistics) -> (by skills) divide into 5 parts between extreme ends; Interest brings energy to go on;
    3. Big data to historic data about productivity and quality about machine and staff basis
    4. Case study – free to work for 30% workload from upper level, English only and read English business / management books; executive summary – one page and management could consider from this information;
  4. Assignment 1 strategy and technique
ITX3000 – Le3 (28Feb2016)

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