BIS3400 – Le4 (28/2/2016)

  1. Class reschedule arrangement
    1. Cancel next week of BIS3400 and re-arrange to add class in 3rd July and 17th July, and cancel class next week (HKMA will notice);
    2. For BIS3399, add VIVA class at 15th July (deadline for submission: add 8 hours for UK time).
      1. Submission to UniHub before class, then revise (if needed) after VIVA
  2. Content (WK3 lecture note)
    1. Assignment 1 at Mar; Assignment 2 at 29/4; Assignment 3 at ;
    2. Professionals should acquire legal knowledge
    3. eg. Coverage of Copyright Act, Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act (UK),
    4. Legal issues about surveillance: Data Protection Act and Computer Misuse  Act… Thus research laws and cases for your study;
    5. Laws: Continental Laws (France, China…) & Common Laws (Singapore / Australia / UK…);
      1. Continental: Individual legislation consideration;
      2. Common: could be referred between countries using Common Laws;
    6. Laws = Ethical?
      1. Laws is a result of political, preferred to
      2. Project / Coursework: No need to introduce the body / laws, but directly go to the content of titles or laws;
      3. CourseWork: including aspect of work-life balance;
        1. Nowadays, workplace surveillance extends to outside workplace, such as remote access after business hours affect work-life balance (principles?); speech of personal social media affecting company reputation;
      4. CourseWork: Dual use Diliemmas…& p.12 of note about GPS;
      5. Bodies: IFIP / ACM / IEEE / BCS /
    7. WK5 lecture note – Privacy
      1. Privacy – human rights from natural laws, but some laws of public security contradict to protect social stability;
      2. Coursework, mention declaration and relevant Acts…(PPT) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 12 (principle of common value, including China / HK…); The European Convention on Human Rights Article 8; The Human Rights Act, 1998 (UK) Article 8
      3. CourseWork Intro: Implications of ICT for privacy (ppt note), capacity to collect / store /share (platform / network speed); invisible collection of data (personal profile / contacts / communication data); Data mining (trends or how long for event B to happen after event A);
      4. Primary use and Secondary use of data mining for customer behavior analyze;
      5. Information privacy / anomality / promixty / free service + convenience + security;
      6. Aw
      7. CourseWork: Dataveillance (Data+Surveillance)
        1. Facial recognition is not privacy data as fingerprint, as it is seen public;
        2. workplace monitoring – work-life balance as not all working hours without personal… research work-life balance ethical…intrusive / invasive…
      8. Is GPS to trace a person ethical? loss child of elderly? loss of hiker?
    8. WK6 Lecture note – legal
      1. Data Protection Act (UK)
      2. HK – 香港私隱專員公署
    9. CourseWork: there is at least one citation every paragraph;
  3. Download <Code of Conduct> of the Professional bodies;
  4. Comment: do not use RefWorks, use Note referencing suggested
  5. Study plan for UML / FDF / Tableau;
BIS3400 – Le4 (28/2/2016)

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