BIS3399 – LE4 (26FEB2016)


  1. Content
    1. Development and Design Analysis (one-third of project)
      1. With Development tasks (one-fourth), they weighs more than half of work in this project;
      2. Needs time to work on and continuous efforts instead of big-bang work;
      3. Thus, Supervisor will show us some skills / knowledge about DFD (Data flow diagram); Database design (ER diagram) which will be used in project;
    2. Citation and References
      1. Must work on during writing instead of coming back later
      2. Good Habit: take a hard copy or photo for backup
      3. What are good resources?
        1. research materials / academic materials:with fact and findings;
          1. journals / University press / paper / online DB;
        2. NO opinion works: blog / wiki / brochure…
      4. How to use resources in your project:
        1. paraphasing (~95%): summarizing authors’ ideas by your own but should include citation;
          1. Better approach: Author (1999, p.23) have provided that ….
        2. quotation (<5%):  presenting original works from author; mainly used for definition in introduction;
        3. References in <Reference List>: must follow notation standards** by MiddleSex University;
        4. Journals are published on fixed duration while collections are published without time concerns but on availability of materials;
      5. **References: MU Note <Referencing-26-11-15>
      6. Word count of deliverable:
        1. Proposal 1: 1500 – 2000 words
        2. Intermediate Deliverable: 3000 words
        3. Project report – ~8000 words
        4. Upload link will be sent from MU next week
  2. Reviewing with supervisor on work done of Project Proposal
    1. Rationale:
      1. Comment:
    2. Schedule
      1. Comment:
  3. Follow-ups
    1. Check how to submit in turnitin;
    2. Download JS-Schedule;
    3. Benson requested that no single point >2 for turnitin checking;
BIS3399 – LE4 (26FEB2016)

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