BIS3324 – Le4 (23Feb2016)

  1. Video watching about using Information System in Logistic industry in HK (<世界物流 香港出發>BY ATV);
    1. EDI data exchange for container handling in terminal;
    2. Kerry Logistics: integrated logistic visible platform to show logistics status;
    3. OBTIS for truck management system -> better services (real time status) and lower cost (with mobile system on truck);
    4. RFID application for baggage handling by HK Airport;
    5. RFID application for smart container to log temperature / door opening detection / shock detection;
  2. Interview questions about 10 with Mission -> Vision -> Goals -> Business strategy -> IT strategy…
  3. Limited referencing in analysis such as Annual report;
  4. Alan took away our proposal of version 1 and approved our group proposal but asked us:
    1. add “information requirements and how to satisfy them in various decision levels”
  5. follow-ups
    1. mission of Midland
    2. success cases of IS in estate agency;
    3. PEST analysis for Threat (SWOT) in group report;
BIS3324 – Le4 (23Feb2016)

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