BIS3400 – Le2 (21Feb2016)

  1. Responses to our questions about assignment
    1. No geographical  restriction in journal content selection
  2. Contents
    1. Is Ethics same ass laws: No. Ethics -> morally right or wrong; Laws: documentation / used to follow / as a result of political interaction / not always rational such as Hilter was elected by citizens;
    2. Ethics -> Social (Relationships impact to 3rd party) -> Legal
    3. Matrix: Ethical and legal / Unethical and illegal; unethical and legal (immature legal system); ethical and illegal (depends on justice approach) ;
    4. Social: different groups of people;
    5. Professional issue: Code of Conduct / Guidelines / Policies; (BCS / IEEE…)
      1. What to develop & how to design;
  3. Follow-ups
    1. Download WK3 lectures ppt
    2. Read 2 Supplementary notes;
    3. Research Legal and Professional issues in assignment (with ethics ~1000words)
BIS3400 – Le2 (21Feb2016)

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