Academic Word List (the AWL): http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/alzsh3/acvocab/

  1.  20160220
    1. enshrined: protected / preserved. esp. for rights; eg. Ethical principles enshrined in the UDHR;
    2. at stake: at issue / at question / at risk; eg. what is at stake?
  2. 20160227
    1. proliferation: rapid multiplication of parts or number increasing of something; eg. to review to proliferation of research findings about surveillance in the workplace…
    2. dystopian: a community that is undesirable or frightening; eg. monitoring has none of the dystopian baggage of surveillance;
  3. 20160320
    1. Attest
    2. hurdle
  4. 20161103
    1. unhinge: a totally unhinged person
  5. 20170509
    1. reimbursement:
  6. 20170719
    1. imperative: it is imperative to act promptly
    2. perennial:
      1. perennial plant: plant that could live > 2years;
      2. perennial shortage of capital: frequent and continuous;

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