BIS3399 – LE3 (19FEB2016)

From Benson (lecture of BIS3399 & BIS3400)

  1. BIS3399
    1. Reminder of Course works
      1. Proposal (~7 pages with ~2000 words)
        1. First draft of Project proposal (Min. with Rationale + Schedule) by 26Feb (next Fri), after review and revise, submit to turnitin for plagiarism check;
        2. Second draft by 4Mar, after review and revise, submit to turnitin (may take 1 day to response) for plagiarism check;
        3. Project proposal final submission before 10Mar;
        4. Approach: using marking scheme as content
        5. Rationale: background with simple intro. / justifications / identify stakeholder expectation / solutions;
        6. Description: solution descriptions / Aim and objectives;
        7. Deliverable based on methodology, eg. SCRUM / Sprint;
        8. Project plan & Harvard referencing;
    2. Schedule update suggestion
    3. Project proposal sample discussion: lack of measurable objectives
    4. Assignment 2 by 29Apr
  2. BIS3400
    1. Ethical principles
      1. Deontological Ethics / Kantianism 
        1. Certain things that cannot be universalized are wrong (as they would not work if everyone did them);
        2. “essentially wrong” are always wrong;
        3. focuses on rightness or wrongness of the action themselves;
        4. Arguments against: does not take into account conflicting priorities, or special circumstances;
        5. formal expression of “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (UDHR);
      2. Consequentialism / Utilitarianism
        1. good outcome which brings greatest benefit to the greatest number of people;
        2. Arguments against: does not take into account the individual, or accommodate minority groups / cultural differences;
      3. Virtue Ethics: character and habits of the actor
    2. Ethical issues
      1. Actions threatened ethical principles (right of privacy / equality…);
      2. With opposing views
      3. Framed as questions: should xxx if xxx?
      4. Considerations in Evaluating an ethical issue:
        1. Identify the issue / question;
        2. Identify stakeholders;
        3. Identify principles;
        4. Identify perspectives and arguments;
        5. Possible course of actions / solutions
        6. Importance of thinking through the issue / options (rather than following the crowd), making decisions based on principles and sound reasons;
    3. Work for next lectures
      1. Read WK2 materials from MiddleSex University (Done – 20160220);
      2. Research journals about ethical issues of your topics
      3. Group opposite views in to account of Kantianism and Consequentialism;
      4. eg. keywords search of workplace surveillance privacy VS workplace surveillance security;
      5. Essay suggestion:
        1. Introduction with statistics at ~200 words;
        2. Conclusion with Implementation with guideline / scheme of appeal;
    4. Other discussion
      1. Cyber bullying (<age of 18) vs cyber harassment;
  3. References:
    1. WK2_Ethical Principals.pdf
    2. WK2_BIS3400 lecture.ppt
  4.  Follow-ups
    1. PMI publishes survey of PM software
    2. Scrum project plan template
    3. Research project management portal benefits / benchmark for objectives’ measurements (SMART);
      1. Verification: Performance Quiz, Satisfaction survey, sales cost per unit calculation
BIS3399 – LE3 (19FEB2016)

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