BIS3399 – Le2 (5Feb2016)

  1. Project Approach: Research or Prototyping / Evaluation
  2. Benson showed us how to search materials by Summon in UniHub
    1. Tips1: use of filtering by <Full text online>, <Journal Article>, <Discipline>…
    2. Tips2: Use Google scholar to locate target documents and access the documents thru Summon;
  3. Should do in Project proposal
    1. SMART: Specific / Measurable…
    2. Hand on time
    3. Demo of product prototype
    4. Task List (WBS) = Task + Deliverable + Timeline; (Gantt chart is not neccessary)
    5. Clear Aims and Objectives, such as project proposal sample 3;
  4. Introduction of Harvard Referencing
    1. Two type of citation practices:
      1. …(Lewis, 2006)
      2. Lewis (2006) proposed that …
  5. Quotation content should not > 3-4% of the total content
  6. Fixed project topic <Project Management Portal> and hand on Rationale next lecture;
BIS3399 – Le2 (5Feb2016)

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