BIS3324 – Le3 (16Feb2016)

  1. Lecture Content
    1. SWOT analysis (Note p.135)
      1. Case study: McDonald’s operation philosophy
        1. Positioning: Fast / Quality delivery / fair price
        2. Delivery services
      2. Challenging at Strategy Formulation;
  2. Seminar – Discussion about group report
    1. Marking scheme on Note p.250;
    2. Methodology introduction by samples;
      1. Good methodology writing with structured format (tools mentioned) as sample 3;
    3. Heavy weighing at strategic environment analysis;
  3. Meeting with group
    1. Alan agree our project direction at IS of property agency;
    2. Deliverable next week: Interview Q&A, SWOT analysis, Port Five Forces analysis, Outsourcing Strategy materials (all in point form)
BIS3324 – Le3 (16Feb2016)

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