BIS 3324 – Le2 (2Feb2016)

Refer to Lecture notes of Week3 and Week4

  1. Strategic Manager
  2. Adizes PAEI model of management:
    1. Producer (External & Short term)
    2. Administrator (Internal & Short term)
    3. Enterpreneur (External & Long term)
    4. Integrator (Internal & Long term)
  3. Porter Five forces
    1. Current market’s Intensity of rivalry
    2. The threat of substitute products
    3. The threat of the entry of new competitors
    4. Bargaining power of customers
    5. Bargaining power of suppliers
  4. Group assignment:
    1. written conversations with the strategic manager of the targeted company;
    2. written approach should be from a observer instead of a consultant or analyst;
    3. introduce methodology;
    4. Refer “same content” in the lecture note;
    5. Title sample: “How IT / IS supporting XXXXX”;
    6. Tutor’s advices:
      1. Find a company and analyze her strategic landscape, then, suggest its IT / IS status;
      2. one of the group member should be highly familiar with the targeted company (such as procedures / system…), in order to provide more information in the assignment later on;
      3. No word limit in proposal, which acts as a guideline for report writing;
      4. Conclusion of each force by Porter Five Forces analysis;
  5. Follow-ups:
    1. Adizes PAEI Model
    2. Search papers about five forces analysis for my employer’s industry and different industries;
  6. Lesson learned: Subscribe industry journals and keep an eye on critical factors;
BIS 3324 – Le2 (2Feb2016)

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