ITX3000 – Le1 (31Jan2016)

Human Factors in IT

  1. ITX stands for discipline of IT; BIS stands for discipline of business;
  2. This subject, which is a new module this year, concerns Screen Design;
  3. Course Works:
    1. Publish assignments until MU announced;
    2. Consists of Two assignments only, with <1000 words per assignment; and individual report on group work;
  4. Good Design:
    1. consider reusing of users’ past experiences and habits;
    2. Shorten learning time;
  5. Study:
    1. When reading PowerPoint slides, summarize contents and objectives;
    2. Mode of thinking (see picture)- training which benefits lifelong;
  6. Remark: Tutor’s personal investment sharing after course:
    1. rally in stock market in 2017
    2. Win strategies when stock market soars or plunges…
ITX3000 – Le1 (31Jan2016)

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